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Limousine Hire


Limousine Hire


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Limousine Hire

Are you looking for a quality, reliable limousine hire firm then Savoy Cars is here to help you, we can arrange for the limousines to be hired on any time basis be it hourly, daily or weekly.

Our limousines can be handy for many different uses, perhaps you would like to show a prospective client round the sites of London in style, then this is the best way to get that all important first impression, clients are always suckers for being pampered in a limousine. Maybe you want to give a friend a birthday surprise and pick them up in luxury and take them on a shopping spree, alright if you have the means to do it.

Can you think of a nicer way to take some friends down to the theatre and then on to a club and be picked uop outside the club like a pop star or a footballer. We can even arrange for the limousine driver to pick you up from the airport you never know perhaps the paparazzi will be there and they will take a snap of you , they might not know who you are but if they see a limo they might think you are some kind of foreign dignitary or an Aussie soap star.

Our drivers are trained not only to be first class drivers but also to be corteous and welcoming to our guests so if you would like us to chauffeur a client on your behalf and drop them at a location you are already at then you know they will be in good hands.

For more details on the prices of limousine hire just fill in the online form that is available at our website or give us a call and one of the friendly staff members will be there ready to take your call and give you all the details you need.