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Transportation Services


Transportation Services


Transportation Services from Savoy Cars
















Transportation Services

With Savoy Cars transpotation services you have the assurance that any goods you precsent us with will be delivered to your choice of location on time and intact.

Savoy cars has been transporting goods around London since the mid seventies, and we are proud of our ability to be able to transport goods from your office, your home or your warehouse to a location of your choice, giving you peace of mind knowing the goods are in safe hands.

Our geographic knowledge of London is extensive, our drivers are the same as London cabbies in the fact that they have taken tests to ensure that they have what is known as "The Knowledge".

This test ensures that not only does the driver know the streets down which they are driving but they also know which streets are one way and where there will be traffic jams and the quickest route between two points in London, so you knwo the product that you want transporting is going the quickest possible way it can.

No matter the size of the goods to be transported we will get it there on time and in one piece. We are sure that once you have tried our express delivery service, you will not go back to any other firm. You will use us over and over again.