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VIP Cars London


VIP Cars London


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VIP Cars London

If you are looking for VIP cars in London then Savoy Cars is the best place to start, we have saloons, limousines, estates, MPV's and mini buses, so matter how you want to travel and how many people you are Savoy can arrange it for you.

Our VIP cars rates can be done on an hourly basis if you wish, perhaps you just want to transport a special client from one side of London to the other and just need us for a couple of hours, this can be done. We also offer daily or weekly rates as well. If you need this service then feel free to contact us and see what offers we can give you.

Our VIP cars service offers you the chance to be driven round London by a chauffeur ideal for people wanting to travel in luxury to the West End to go to the theatre perhaps you are going to see cats with a friend, why not treat them, especially if it is their birthday. It is not everyday they will be getting picked up in a limousine and treated as a VIP.

This service is one of our most popular so we always advise that you ring well in advance as we do get a lot of bookings so you do need to get in there early to avoid dissapointment.

Everyone knows that getting betwen two points or even a lot of journeys are great with Savoy Cars Limited because with our VIP service, because at a moments notice, we will also facilitate you with a quality car we also give you a presentable and knowledgeable driver.